458th Transportation Company
(Pre Vietnam Area 1944-1965)

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The company was transferred to Camp Leroy Johnson, New Orleans, Louisiana, on 15 June 1956 where it was attached to the 394th Transportation Battalion. During the flooding of Hurricane Flossie, it evacuated approximately 1,550 civilians and towed from or helped 160 vehicles in danger. On 5 November 1956, the company participated in Operation Atlas held at Theodore, Alabama. From September through November 1958, the company participated in Operation Rocky Shoals at San Simion, California. Again the company went to the assistance of the civilian population of Kenner suburb of New Orleans by evacuating over a thousand civilians during the floods in the latter part of May 1959.
On 15 October 1959, the company participated in a logistics-over-the-shore (LOTS) exercise at Gulf Beach, Florida and another at Port Arkansas, Texas, on 5 April 1960. During the summers of 1961 to 1963, the company provided support to the Reserve Annual Active Duty Training (ANACDUTRA). During the same years, members of the company also participated in LOTS exercises in Florida and Swift Strike II with the US Marines in the Carolinas.
On 24 June 1963, the unit designation was changed to the 458th Transportation Company (Light Amphibian). It was reorganized as a Lighter, Amphibious company and traded its DUKWs in for the new Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo (LARC) 5-ton which began to arrive in July. They were not assigned until the unit completed its summer training. The 458th completed its turn-in and reissue by September. It also received the 254th Detachment with the mission of providing third echelon maintenance. In December the company also received its new M-14 rifles. The company tested its LARCs in a 394th LOTS training exercise at Port St Joe, Florida, in November. They had only minor problems with starters and magnetic clutches.
After the inactivation of Camp Leroy Johnson, the company returned to Fort Story on 15 June 1964 and became a part of the 10th Battalion, 4th Transportation Command. In preparation for deployment overseas to Vietnam, the unit received an influx of helicopter trainees who were converted to seamen. In September 1966 the company under the command of First Lieutenant Walter D. Gruff
shipped out for Vietnam aboard the USNS Maurice Rose by way of the Panama Canal and Long Beach, California. The company’s operations-base destination was Vung Tau but enroute the destination was changed to Cam Ranh Bay .

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