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I wanted to create a status page that spelled out my current plans and future direction for the website. There is also a Suggestion Box where members can well, make suggestions on what they would like to see. I can't promise that all will be honored; it takes work and a reasonable expectation of interest to put some ideas into concept.

Feel free to comment, I accept all reasonable suggestions. If there are inaccuracies, here is as good a place as any to bring them to my attention.

I've noticed some differences in spelling of people's names. If your name is misspelled on your Gallery, or other locations in this website, please email me or post it in the Guest Book and I will gladly make the adjustment.

Thank you for your support, and let's make this an outstanding website.

Terry Romine
458th Sea Tigers (PBR) 68-69

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John HoganTerry,
Vic Jacobsen has posted pictures on the photo gallery but I cannot find any contact info. He was part of my crew at Cat Lai. Do you have a contact email

Richard Leon MorganNeed help logging in to members area?

Tangela MorganHey Terry
Me and my dad was just looking at your website and found a picture of my dad that is tagged wrong. The photo is in the gallery section under Joe woods pictures it is the second picture out of eight. My dad is the guy all the way on right it says Sgt. White motor pool but my dads name is Sgt. Richard (Leon) Morgan he worked in the motor pool and he said he was pulling CQ duty the night this picture was taken. He currently lives in Saluda,N.C.He also says that Rufus White his friend in this picture now lives in Morganton NC. Daddy also wanted you to know he was under Sgt. James Anderson and daddy was suppose to have went with Sgt. Anderson the day his jeep was shot up but he pulled CQ Duty that night but Melvin Day went in his place. Melvin Day lives in Lenior N C.

Thank You
Richard (Leon)Morgan
265 Poplar Street
Saluda,NC 28773

David EllsI am attempting to find a friend who was commissioned a WO and served on boats in the delta (circa 67-69. Terry Kent Darnell. Is he a member? I am a former Army 1LT.

John HoganNeed access to members

Doug FossHi Terry
When you clear me and get my check could you send my what I need to get into the members area

Doug FossJust want to say hi to all. VungRo Bay Sept 69-Mar 70
Does anyone remember my Monkey JoJO?

TerryI'm working on the complications of the video page not working for some of the older OS/Browsers. If you want to help, email me with your OS and Browser and which videos you can see and which are problems.

Thomas G BrunswickI want to send you some photos from Cat Lo. I provided them to Bill, but I guess I need to Email them to you. What is your Email address?


LeeDates served on the members page would be helpful to members looking for guys that were in the 458th at the same time. of course this would require time and effort


tom belliveaupbr j7806 is this web page still in use ?

Leemany web pages do not display correctly in Firefox browser 17.
IE and Chrome are ok
Firefox is the #2 browser behind IE

Leein regards to the James Loux PDF file http://458thseatigers.org/pdf/JL.pdf. The link to army archives is no longer working, more than likely because of record updating at the archives

Leeit would be nice to see the web page updated at least once a year
The main webpage is cluttered with to much old information

Once a year it might not even hurt to slip in a Christmas theme :-)

Edward Bellhow, do i, get into, the members list.

Gregg Mooreneed to know how to sign on. All new since I last checked the site.

Jarrell HortonIn Jim Farmer's photo's, the person that is not named , which would be 1 is Jarrell Horton and John Turner is Johnny Tucker, thank you ! How do I join ?

Tom FarrellTerry, can you update the locations and dates missing from the members list. It's a big help trying to make connections for us with CRS. Thanks

48 found.
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